Insulated Above Ground Pools

Pools of Omaha recommends a serious look at Radiant Pools–making residential above ground pools the most energy and environmentally friendly. These innovative pools are manufactured with aluminum double walls which are insulated in-between to deliver an R-10 factor! This construction process not only makes the walls incredibly sturdy, it makes the pool overall the most energy efficient.

  • Double insulated wall panels help the water heat up faster and keep the water warmer longer
  • Extra insulated pool walls can actually help extend your backyard swimming season for up to 2 months!
  • You could swim the entire swimming season without the need of a pool heater. That saves you big heating costs!
  • Using the sun and double insulated walls to heat your pools requires no electricity nor gas–and that’s good for our environment
  • All shapes and sizes of these insulated pools come with choice of liners

Warranty -Non-prorated , fully transferable lifetime warranty

Round Insulated Pools

These round pools are available in six diameters–all easy to set up. You’ll appreciate the insulated round pool’s durability and energy efficiency. Your kids will love getting in the pool earlier and spending more time at home! Click on images for larger view

RadiantOnGroundBackofHomeRadiant On Ground brickedRadiant Circle backyard

Round sizes: 16′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′ and 33′
Pool wall height: 52″

Oval Insulated Pools

The oval shape gives you more room to swim, to play games and have fun! These sturdy insulated above ground pools are made to hold up and hold water year round with water. A-frame braces on the sides add extra support. Choose from six oval sizes. Click on images for larger view

Radiant Oval backyard

Oval sizes: 12′ x 16′, 12′ x 20′, 21′, 12′ x 24′, 16′ x 24′, 16′ x 28′ and 16′ x 32′
Pool wall height: 52″

Freeform Insulated Pools

When you want something that looks unique and fun to enjoy, the insulated freeform pool puts an exciting shape in your backyard–available in a choice of three sizes. Plus, with insulated aluminum double walls, your freeform pool keeps a more consistent water temperature to get in and enjoy more often! Click on images for larger view


Freeform sizes: 14′ x 22′, 16′ x 28′ and 18′ x 32′
Pool wall height: 52″

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